Muay Thai History and Techniques

Muay Thai Gear and its Interesting History

Muay Thai is the national sport of Thailand. It is a combat sport that is often referred to by experts as the “Art of Eight Limbs, ” as its movements make use of kicks, punches, and knee and elbow strikes, thereby using all eight points of contact. This makes it a sport that is both challenging and unique, and the best practitioners use the best gear and equipment, such as a high-quality Muay Thai Punching Bag. The gear and equipment for the sport boasts a history as interesting as the activity itself. The following are some intriguing info about early Muay Thai gear and equipment.

The Tiger King

A Thailand ruler known as the Tiger King had considerable influence on MMA fighting styles, as well as the protective gear worn by fighters in the 1700s. His influence in many issues with the sport is still seen today.

Throughout the Tiger King’s reign, those who participated in the sport bound their forearms and hands with pieces of horsehair when it comes to protecting the fighter and inflicting more damage on his enemy. Later, hemp ropes replaced the horse hair, but were eventually concluded and replaced by the traditional boxing gloves seen today.

Before the 1930s, fighters were also required to wear groin guards, as groin kicks were a legal move within the sport until 1932. During the reign of the Tiger King, such guards were made from tree bark that ผลมวยไทย was held in place with cloth. In some areas of the country, groin guards were also made from certain types of seashells.

Modern Gear

Specially designed quitting pads are usually worn during practice sessions. In past centuries such padding was made from virtually whatever was available, but in today’s modern world MMA pads are specially manufactured for this challenging combat sport.

Headgear is also used, which protects fighters from head injuries and bruises to the face. Interestingly enough, this type of protection was virtually overlooked throughout the earlier centuries, as fighters were not keen on wearing just about any equipment that could potentially reduce their vision. Modern technology fixed this problem by making protective gear that in no way detracts from the participant’s awareness and coordination.

Not surprisingly, gloves are a basic perhaps the sport’s gear in which virtually every participant must invest. There are several types of gloves, including those that are made with injection foam or C3 foam technology. High-quality gloves should always provide in order to lessen the relation to fists and to protect fighters from wrist sprain.

Many MMA participants also use additional protective gear, such as shin guards or body armor shields. Although each fighter’s objective when searching for such gear will change, one’s focus should always be on quality when coming up with some.

Muay Thai and MMA Workout Equipment

Quitting or Punching Bags are an essential item for participants, and help to keep fighters in optimum shape. Throughout history, such bags were filled with dirt, sand, rubber-like plant matter or even wet cloth in order to mimic the resistance one would experience when coming across another fighter.

However, today’s modern MMA enthusiasts seek bags that don’t contain sand, as sand may lead to useless spots or inconsistent texture that’s not approving to a quality exercise workout. Certain companies even offer to create a customized Muay Thai Punching Bag based on the participant’s specifications.

Medicine baseballs, weighted jump ropes and wrist weights are also searched by those who are intent on the sport, as these items help to keep fighters in top condition for tournaments. As advancements in modern technology are made, the practising of MMA gear will continue, leading to the already long and interesting history of the sport and the equipment with which it is associated.

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